Would you like to hear what our client's have to say about working with Dr. Campbell? Please feel free to check out the testimonials listed below.

I worked with Dr. Chana for over a year and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. She created a safe space for me to talk through my grief, growing pains and traumatic experiences during the pandemic. She created a warm environment where I could be myself while also holding me accountable. We worked together to create a plan to address my anxiety that I still use to this day. We set goals and she kept me honest when I could improve in certain areas. As a Black woman, Dr. Chana affirmed that it was okay to feel your emotions and gave me steps to express them in healthy ways because more often than not we don’t grow up with that luxury.

Female age 25

Dr. Campbell has truly changed my life in so many ways, her holistic approach to counseling me on my entire life has transformed how I approach and manage my life. Her guidance is always tailored to make me feel important, understood, and heard. I look forward to our sessions and I am excited to keep building my life afterwards. I greatly appreciate being one of her clients. I came to her in a place of complete brokenness and she helped me put the pieces back together. Now I feel whole, strong and vibrant. I feel confident in my abilities to take care of myself. I was nervous as this has been my first experience with therapy, and I have been so blessed in selecting such an understanding and wonderful individual. Dr. Campbell is now a part of my personal village; she keeps me going in so many ways. I am forever thankful!

Female age 36

I started working with Dr. Campbell in 2021 when I felt lost in life. I found her through the Therapy for Black Girls database. I do not know what made me choose her as my therapist, but I am glad I did! During my first session with her, I cried because I unknowingly had so many built-up emotions that I needed to release. I remember her saying that it was okay to cry and that we would work through my pain. Looking back on that moment, I am eternally grateful for her response because I needed to hear that my feelings were valid. While working with Dr. Campbell, I appreciated the homework she would give me after each session. The assignments would help me understand the reason for my feelings, hold me accountable, or push me to take action. My greatest accomplishment working with Dr. Campbell was taking my first solo trip. Without her guidance, I probably would have never felt confident enough to travel alone. Overall Dr. Campbell has helped me tackle my depression, anxiety, and trauma. My greatest takeaway from working with Dr. Campbell is that even the smallest step is still a step. For me, that helps alleviates the pressure I often put on myself when I have a goal that I want to accomplish. If you are thinking of working with Dr. Campbell, please do! She wants nothing but the best for her clients, and she will give you the tools to do so!

Female age 24